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Aldea is flexible and set up for longevity. They are a partner that you can count on for the long-term. They have inspired many others now in Europe.

Marta-Gaia Zanchi

Founder and Managing Partner

Nina Capital

Aldea felt like a natural fit for us from the first conversation  -which has been reinforced with every interaction and with their desire to support us and the entrepreneurs we back. Delighted to have them as our partners.

Krishna Visvanathan

Co-founder and Partner

Crane Venture Partners

At Lunar we've been fortunate to build strong relationships with many of Europe's institutional investors. Aldea's deep interest in our strategy, and their keen focus on support, rank them among the best of our partners.

Mick Halsband

Founding Partner

Lunar Ventures

Aldea is a fantastic partner to European venture funds. They are optimistic about the European venture ecosystem and its ability to produce world-class returns, and have systematically supported funds across the continent and the UK with a quick, structured process.

Sitar Teli

Managing Partner

Connect Ventures